Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tim Horton's Tim Bits Donut Holes Dessert Tower

I love using these styrofoam towers.  They are perfect for your favorite fruit, soft candy or other sweet treats.  Try using marshmallows or frozen cream puffs from Costco too!

Last year, we made a strawberry tower for my baby's birthday.

This year, I made a Tim Horton's Tim Bits Tower for my hubbie's b-day which was a PIG OUT party filled with gourmet junk food. 

Talk about elevating the lowly donut-hole to a whole new level!  You'll be so pleased with your results.

TIME:  1 hour

TOTAL COST:  $40-$50

SKILL LEVEL:  easy-as-pie!

SUPPLIES that you'll need:

18" tall styrofoam form (not the green ones that are used for floral display).  You can buy this from Michael's for approx $24.

120 pieces of fresh Tim Bits or donut holes  ( 3 boxes of 40 donut holes at  $6.39 CDN per box)  approx.  $20.

Cling sandwich wrap

brown or cream colored tissue paper



If you have just purchased a new form, leave the original plastic wrap on.  Roll the tissue paper around the cone, tape it down.  ( HINT:  If you are making a strawberry tree, use red tissue so that it will blend in with the strawberries).  Then carefully wrap 1 layer of clear plastic sandwich wrap over the tissue, ensuring that it stays as flat as possible and doesn't wrinkle up too much.

Decide on your color or flavor scheme, starting at the base, poke in 1 tooth pick, 1/2 way into the foam.  Insert a donut holes onto the toothpick.  Continue until the bottom row is done, move onto the next row adding the donuts into the alternate space.

ps  smaller locations of Tim Hortons stores carry only 4 flavors of Tim Bits...larger full size stores will carry the full selection.

(i wish I went to the bigger store to get the white powdered sugar ones...that would have made the tower even nicer!)

Best to call your order in the day before your event to ensure that you'll have your order the next day.


  1. Wow, so Canadian! Tim Bits tower would make a perfect children attraction. Looks more expensive than actually is. These glasses will match:GUCCI 3162

  2. I tried this, before I stumbled upon these instructions and it was a total fail =(! I made the mistake of using the type of Styrofoam that kind of scrapes off into dust? Not into the tiny balls..So that was probably a mistake. Then I wrapped it in ribbon instead of tissue/plastic, mistake #2...and to finish it, I started on top and worked my way down.... definitely didn't work out lol oh my, but I'm tempted to try it again with your instructions, hopefully i'll succeed!

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