Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Sweetie Pop Tree, a modern way to display cake pops

The newest and most modern way to creatively display your gourmet lollipops, macaron pops or cake pops, The Sweetie Pop tree will be the centerpiece of your event and the highlight of your dessert table or candy buffet table.

You can customize the Sweetie Pop Tree for each event and season by adding colorful accessories, like wooden leaves, paper flowers, birds, squirrels or acorns (all sold separately). These items can be attached by using your favorite brand of double sided tape, not included.

Ideal for bridal or baby showers, birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries and tea parties. This is the perfect gift for the happy baker on your list too.
The Sweetie Pop Tree was designed by an avid day dreamer of many, many ideas and hand crafted with lots of care by a wood lovin’ artisan.
Crafted from maple wood and made in Canada. Each tree can accommodate up to 12 pops.

Click here to buy the Sweetie Pop Tree.

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