Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ice Cream Cart for your Wedding Reception

Who doesn't love ice cream?  For hot summer weddings or birthday celebrations, I truly believe that having an ice cream truck or ice cream cart at your event would be totally great for wedding guests age 2 - 99.

It would be heavenly if Sweet Lucies could come to everyone's wedding...I'm smitten with their striped awning over their little blue ice cream cart. 

Or alternatively, go to your local supermarket and buy up all of their single serving sizes of your favorite brand of ice cream or gelato.  This will probably cost you $1- $2 per serving.  If it was my party, i'd go for Ciao Bella Gelato...my all time fave is the Blood Orange which is also one of Oprah's faves too. 

Be sure to get some wooden ice cream spoons too to give your guests a retro experience or a "blast to the past".


  1. Putting an ice cream cart on a wedding reception is a unique idea but it appeals to me. My fiance and I are eyeing for wedding halls in Long Island to held our wedding next year and I think it won't hurt to add my favorite dessert in that place.

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