Monday, February 6, 2012


OK, this is written so that all the grooms out there can relate to this task of choosing and buying wedding invitations.

To keep the analogy simple, I will use 4 levels of comparision.  In the world of cars, there are Hyundais, Hondas, Volkswagon and Mercedes Benz…the same can be said for wedding invitations.

Entry Level or Budget wedding invitations

These priced from $0.88 US per invitation card only.  RSVP cards and receptions cards are extra.  These cards will “get the job done” and convey the message that you are getting married.

The paper will be thinner and the imprint quality may or may not be of lesser quality too.

Couples that choose these invitations:
-       believe that most of their guests will be tossing these out after the big day and will not keep them as keepsakes
      are on a really tight budget
-       feel that they want to spend their $ on other wedding essentials
-       are having a lot of guests and don’t want to spend too much

Here are some links for low budget wedding invitations

This is a very eco-friendly method of mailing an invitation since it doesn’t require any envelopes.
The RSVP is a perforated tear off card that is sent back as a postcard.  Please keep in mind that because there isn’t an envelope to protect the invitation, it could possibly arrive at your guest’s home in poor condition or looking like “the dog’s breakfast”.

Mid Level wedding invitations

These wedding invitations start at $2 US each and accessory cards like RSVP cards and reception cards will cost around $ 0.75 each…so basically $3-4 per set.

The bride & groom who choose this level are:
-budget conscious, but they are willing to spend a little more to get invitations that are a little nicer

The wonderful aspect of the following wedding invitations is that you can get matching table numbers, place cards, water bottle labels, stickers, wine labels, favor tags and much more.

Average price and most popular wedding invitations

These wedding invitations start at $3 each and accessory cards like RSVP cards and reception cards will cost around $1 each…so basically $5-$6 per set.

This is the price point of what we at WEDDING THINGS normally sell.  So if you have 200 guests, you’ll need approx. 100 invitations x $5 per set = $500.

What to expect:
-       nicer quality paper = thicker or perhaps shiny stardust paper
-       better quality printing method = thermography = raised lettering
-       embellishments like ribbons, crystals, die cut designs

Profile of couples who choose these invitations:
-they have a reasonable amount of $$$ for wedding invitations
-they appreciate quality and acknowledge the fact that there is a difference when looking at these versus budget wedding invitations
-their friends and family will cherish and keep their wedding invitations

High price wedding invitations

These wedding invitations are priced at $7-9 per set.  So if you have 100 guests, then your invitations will cost  $700-$900.

What you’ll get:

These are the most popular and most sought after wedding invitations.  They are highly customizable since you can choose the colors to match your wedding theme.  You can choose the design that you prefer. 

Fancy Paper wedding invitations:

The paper quality is superior, more choices for color of paper.

The designs are more intricate which may include laser die-cut designs, ribbons, layering of fancy papers, high style graphic designs and more!

Couples who choose these likely are:

-detail oriented brides and groom who feel that wedding invitations are the first impression of the upcoming celebration

-professionals who have a very healthy budget for their entire wedding or perhaps no budget at all!

-connoisseurs of quality – they appreciate knowing about the different types of printing methods (engraved, thermography, letterpress, digital printing)

-having a destination wedding where a lot of information is needed

-needing to print the wedding invitations in a foreign language in addition to English

Please keep in mind some additional costs:

-email proof charges from $15 - $50
each printing company that we work with requires that a proof be supplied to the customer so that it can be proofed before printing begins

-shipping charges…dependent upon the weight and destination of the order.  Prices will also vary if you select ground, 3 days, 2 days or overnight service.

-Canadian customers:  exchange rate
because most of the invitations are from the USA, there is a daily exchange rate that will be charged to you.


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