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les macarons….pure bliss

May 8th, 2008 · 1 Comment

The “first time”…everyone always remembers their “first time”.  For me, the first time tasting a Parisian macaron from Laduree was “heaven on earth”.  I had read about these in a guide book and it so happened that we were staying in a hotel on the Champs Elysee, right across from the famed Laduree shop.

 I highly recommend adding this to your “list of things to do before you die”.   These little bites from heaven are a delicate marriage of  meringue made with ground hazelnut, then filled with a delicious cream filling.  Not only do they “make your tastebuds sing”, but they are also a feast for your eyes.  They come in a rainbow of colors and a host of flavors too.After stepping into the dimly lit shop, it reminded me of a little jewelry boutique…my senses were heightened by the sweet aroma of les macarons.  The shopkeepers behind the marble counters were all white gloved, carefully placing each lovely macaron into equally charming boxes, all hand selected by each customer.  I had to just stand there and “take a moment” since taking a photo was not allowed. Behind the glass counter, there were a myriad of individual desserts, but one could easily see that macarons were their specialty. 

A rainbow of vibrant and pastel colors, each represented different flavors of les macarons.  I was apprehensive to buy them since each macaron was about $2 US each and they were only 1-1/2” diameter round…gone in 2 dainty bites…but my hubby, being the generous guy that he is, persuaded me to buy a box of 18.  I did not eat any until we got home to Vancouver, since I wanted to have an afternoon tea and share them with my family and close friends. The first bite was a slight crunch as my teeth pierced the meringue, then slight chewiness, then a symphony of rich flavored cream.  I think that they can even make a wedding cake of macarons for you….that is if you are having a reception in Paris or any other city where they have shops.  

MORAL OF THE STORY…when trying something new, be sure to eat it right away…if it tastes good, buy more to bring home. ps  the next time we were in Paris, a few years later, we hand carried $300 US worth of these precious little “babies” home.  Pure bliss!

All photos are from the official Laduree website

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  • 1 :) me...d // Aug 21, 2008 at

    mmmm….these were soooooo yummy! can’t wait to sink my teeth in another one of these again!

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